MoreEPA (minium 580EPA formula + ornge) is a highly concentrated EPA food suplement which is supplemented with lipid stabilising anit-oxidants.

The richest and purest source of Omega 3 EPA fish oil you can buy. One 1,000 mg capsule contains an unbeatable (minimum 580 mg EPA (approx) and 88 mg of DHA (approx) pure essential Omega 3 fatty acids.
Our unique patented filtration and chilling process removes any possible traces of potentially harmful elements such as Mercury and other toxins.

Our process ensures that the active ingredients remain fresh and an additional enzyme treatment means our capsules are free from odour and any unpleasant fishy taste thanks to the addition of natural orange.

Just one capsule per day gives you the entire Omega 3 EPA you need. Instead of taking three to five capsules of fish oil a day, you only have to take one single capsule of MorEPA. This means you can avoid the surplus fat that you would get from consuming ordinary fish oil.