Individual Consultation


Do you need to move away from a negative ageing process?

Do you need advice, to help you feel better as you age?


2 x 1-hour consultations to achieve your goals. What are you looking to get out of the two sessions?

You will shape where we’ll go and I will guide you there using certified methods and processes.


THIS MONTH ONLY: Free dedicated copy of the “Quality Life For Women Over 50”.





‘It’s like you’ve taken some logs out the dam that was holding up my life and causing me
health problems; the river is flowing fast again and the blocks have cleared Thank you for
your invaluable help.’ – M.W.

‘I don’t know what you did with my wife in the two sessions but I want to shake your hand
and thank you.’ – A.H.

‘She was like an angel. I had devastating health news and she calmed me down and
helped me see the future again.’ – S.N.